The Academy for Musical Theatre

Arts Leader in Training Program (A.L.I.T.)

Note:  Information on Summer 2019 ALIT positions is forthcoming.

The Academy for Musical Theatre

The Academy for Musical Theatre (formerly “Perth Academy of Musical Theatre”), founded in 1998 in Perth, Ontario, Canada, provides high quality instruction in music, acting, dance and various aspects of technical theatre to youths of all ages, culminating in the performance of a full-scale Broadway musical.

The Academy is the winner of the Perth Chamber of Commerce 2004 Business Achievement Award, and is headed by Heidi Stepanek (B.Mus., M.A.), who has also nominated for the YWCA’s Women of Distinction Awards, and boasts a staff of several highly trained theatre professionals who are also all long-time alumni of The Academy.

The Academy is a very special and unique community of non-judgmental and spirited individuals with positive attitudes, devoted to providing a fun and safe environment for us to experiment artistically without fear of negative feedback. Our primary mandate is to build confidence. Several of our alumni have gone on to successful careers in the performing arts, but our students have found that the life skills they have learned at The Academy are exceptionally valuable, regardless of their chosen career. We are primarily a training academy, though we are also known for the high-calibre performances that result from our workshops, and students come from as far away as California, New York, Winnipeg, Germany and Mexico to attend our unique and acclaimed programs.

After 20 years of running a successful business in Perth, and seeing over 3,600 students develop their theatrical skills, as well as their confidence, it was time to share our company with a larger community, and we are excited to have opened a new branch in Ottawa in 2014.

The A.L.I.T. program

Since its beginning, The Academy for Musical Theatre has had a wonderful symbiotic relationship with both student and adult volunteers.  The energy and expertise brought to The Academy by these volunteers increases the value of the students’ experience in our programs and, in turn, The Academy has been able to pass on knowledge and training in musical theatre production and in working with children, to add to the skills and knowledge of the volunteers.  Volunteers are able to make connections with other staff and students to help them continue their learning, as well as receive letters of reference for future educational and employment opportunities in their field.  Plus, it’s lots of fun!

The Academy has formalized our volunteering positions into a training program entitled “Arts-Leader-in-Training” (A.L.I.T.).  There will be a specified number of A.L.I.T. positions available for each Academy workshop, and those in training will be formally mentored by one or more members of our expert staff.  A.L.I.T. trainees will participate fully as a member of The Academy staff, working as a trusted and respected member of our team.

How it works

In order to be accepted as an A.L.I.T. trainee at The Academy, the applicant must submit an application expressing their interest and experience.  In some cases where the applicant has not attended an Academy program and is not known to the students and staff, an interview may be requested.  Applications received by The Academy prior to the posted deadline will be reviewed, and applicants notified of their acceptance status in a timely fashion.

All applicants for the A.L.I.T. program must be at least 13 years of by the start date of the workshop, and other age restrictions may be placed on workshops for which the age of the participants is higher.  Adults are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Applicants must be available for the full duration of the workshop and performances of the program for which they are applying.

If selected, applicants must submit a clean vulnerable sector police record check if over the age of 18, and participate in a full-day training session prior to the beginning of the workshop.

What does an A.L.I.T. do?

Being an A.L.I.T. is super fun, and super educational!  A.L.I.T.s are role models to our aspiring young stars, and help to guide our young performers by assisting them both onstage and off.

Each A.L.I.T. will be asked to name a specialty field that they are most interested in from the following list:

  1. Singing
  2. Acting
  3. Dance
  4. Costuming

Each A.L.I.T. will be placed with an experienced staff mentor in their chosen specialty, whom they will shadow throughout the workshop.  A.L.I.T.s will be coached by their mentor in teaching methodology within their chosen specialty, and each A.L.I.T. will be given the opportunity to lead a group of students in:  1.  Learning a song;  2.  Blocking a scene;  3.  Choreographing and teaching a dance; or 4.  Preparing and fitting costumes, for the given production, with side coaching from their mentor.

A.L.I.T.s will also assist backstage during the performances, with microphones, set crew, dressing, makeup as per their interests and talents.

Benefits of being an A.L.I.T.

Being an A.L.I.T. is fun – not only because of the ability to participate in an Academy production, but for the experience of being a trusted leader.  A.L.I.T.s will gain valuable leadership skills, as well as skills in their chosen specialty.  The fulfillment of hearing a student whom you have assisted being proud of themselves after successfully performing a role onstage, and thanking you for your assistance, is a wonderful experience.

Each A.L.I.T. will receive a letter of reference from Academy Director Heidi Stepanek highlighting their skills and experience to be used for future educational or employment opportunities.

A.L.I.T.s who shine in their energy, talents, and ability to relate to our students may be offered a future employment position at The Academy.

A.L.I.T.s are also welcomed and encouraged to join in the various staff social events at The Academy, including staff dinners and gatherings, which happen periodically throughout the summer.

What does it take to be an Academy A.L.I.T.?

We are looking for positive, energetic, motivated people who have a passion for both musical theatre and for working with children.  Our workshop and performance days are very intense with lots of activities, so a willingness and ability to stay positive and passionate throughout a long day are crucial.  (But the fulfillment at the end of each amazing day is so worth it!)

The Academy for Musical Theatre is a safe and welcoming space, and an Equal Opportunity Employer. This company does not and will not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, or national origin.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions – we are happy to hear from you!

Email:                            Phone:  (613) 706-2287


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