It’s so important in these uncertain times to have positive and life-affirming responses to carry us through. In this regard, we at The Academy have been working hard to develop a new and exciting approach to our programming.

We understand what it is to be a child – to absolutely need to sing at the top of your lungs, dance wildly, dress up in outlandish costumes, connect joyfully with friends – to PLAY. 

And for our teens, who feel that passion for musical theatre burning in their bellies, their hearts, their voices (We know this! We get it!) we want to share a space where that magic can be created – where we can make powerful and meaningful connections with others who feel it too, and share our love for this beautiful art form, together.

Our goal is always to give a space for this play, this connection – to give an outlet for the joy and the passion.  At this time in our world, this is what is so desperately needed and we intend to think outside the box in order to still find a way to create this environment for our beautiful students, even given (and, especially because of) the current circumstances.

Although Covid-19 means that it is not safe for us to meet together as a group in person this summer, that doesn’t mean that passion has to die, or that we have to put joy “on hold” for the future – we still want to feel this now! Feeling it will help us through this time and make us stronger and more connected than ever before.  This is why we at the Academy are determined to fight to keep this joy not only alive, but thriving and growing in the world!

As such, we have been brainstorming ways to make magic with “our kids” – to be joyful, to live our passion, to connect our community and, most of all, to play – but in a way that keeps everyone safe and nurtured.

It’s flexible

Our Summer 2020 program can be as big or as small as you wish.  We want you to feel that our program is offering your child valuable skills and experience.  Our staff is fully committed to making this experience rewarding, professional and fun, and fully worth your investment in us.  Each cast member is welcome to participate fully for eight weeks, or if you have other summer plans, the majority of the material could be condensed into the one or two weeks of your original program – the choice is up to you, and can work with your summer schedule, whatever that may be.

We have come up with an epic new innovative program for the summer of 2020 – we can’t wait to share it with you!

We so appreciate your support, and with your continued help we are determined to survive the current situation, and go on offering these important programs well into the future. We thank you for your faith, and for your investment in our company, and for helping to keep jobs for our talented and passionate staff so that they may continue to create and work in their chosen field.

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